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Pharmacogenetics … solving the "one size doesn’t fit all" prescription puzzle

It is a scientific fact that each person’s genetic makeup influences how his or her body responds to medicines. Pharmacogenetics is the scientific study of genetic variations that result in these differing responses. Such testing allows medical professionals to individualize drug therapy on a case-by-case basis, making it possible to personalize treatment to increase the effectiveness of treatments while avoiding or decreasing adverse reactions from their use. Pharmacogenetics is all about achieving the best medical results specifically for you.

So what’s involved?

The testing process is simple, requiring only a simple swab of the inside of the cheek. The collection of the DNA sample is painless and takes minutes. The sample goes to the laboratory for processing, and the next day results are shared with your physician for appropriate follow up specific to your treatment needs.

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The science of pharmacogenetics is proven and our experience in the medical profession and clinical laboratory testing spans decades; it’s just our Helix Diagnostics Center that is new. Please check back often as we continue to develop this website and our full listing of services.

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